Virtual Tours Now a Part of GuidedPath

Students and parents have options for viewing college tours.

GuidedPath is pleased to announce the integration of a new, innovative resource for counselors and students. Over 600 colleges/universities have virtual tours available for students, parents and advisors to explore. This augments the college planning process considerably. Having an opportunity to learn more about a college, view the campus and get a feel for the campus environment is a crucial component of finding the right fit college. Yet, the cost of visiting colleges is prohibitive for many students, including international students.

YouVisit TV Tours

GuidedPath has offered YoUniversity TV tours for many years. We are please to add a new resource, YouVisit, with the options of viewing colleges in Virtual Reality, or full 360 degree views. This format provides more information and opportunities to learn about a campus.

College Profile Tours Available for over 600 colleges Plus More!

College videos are continually being added to the YouVisit platform. Together, YouVisit and GuidedPath update the system to include these new videos as they are added. You will be surprised by the wide range of schools with video experiences included. Some international schools are included!

College Profiles include tabs to the University videos

It is easy to view the college videos within the tabs of a college profile in GuidedPath. If there is a ‘Tours” tab in the profile, there is a college video available. Students, parents and advisors will find researching colleges easier with more comprehensive data at their fingertips.

Enable Browsing of Videos using Custom Menu in GuidedPath

One way to excite students about college planning is to allow them to browse different college videos. GuidedPath makes this easy with our Custom Menu option. Although the tours will already be available on the College Information Profile, you can also create a new Custom Menu with a direct link to the YouVisit website. Add in YouVisit as a website in the custom menu section, and students can use the link to view any number of videos. It is a great beginning assignment in GuidedPath. It easily engages students in the process, helping to build ownership in the journey. View the directions for using custom menus here.

Explore the GuidedPath YouVisit tours now. Click here to learn more about GuidedPath or request a demonstration.

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