Watch Now! Using GuidedPath Data to Drive Business Decisions

Stay ahead of the curve by looking at your student admissions data for the past year and more. Look at data from groups of students and use for marketing, viewing trends and directing your business. Also use group data to streamline your office and accounting procedures. Cyndy McDonald, a GuidedPath Master Trainer, give you tips for using GuidedPath data as you work with students and grow your business.

Did You Know?

In a webinar, we posed a poll, asking “I knew I could look at student data in my practice.”  The response was equal, 50% did know, 50% did not know.  Our goal is for 100% to know that you can use GuidedPath to look at overall student data in your practice.

Did you know:

  • You can view groups of students, by class, high school or any other category offered in the student search section? Learn more here.
  • You can use group mode to see admission trends of your students?  Learn more here.
  • You can check on upcoming student appointments in your office, or for student who do NOT have appointments?  Learn more here.
  • You can see your company’s current revenue, or past year’s revenues from student consultations?  Learn more here.
  • You can see on one calendar all upcoming student related dates: appointments, assignments, and other college dates?  Learn more here.
  • You can send out group messages, assignments or appointments?  Learn more here.
  • You can check on upcoming assignments, missed assignments?  Learn more here.

Check out the entire webinar to learn more about how to use GuidedPath to manage your practice.