Wendie’s Transition – How I Stopped Complaining About the MyCCA Transition and Learned to Love GuidedPath

photo_reasonably_smallI have been using MyCCA for as long as I have been working as an independent consultant. I called it my right arm… it was my go to site for recording session, knowledge base and bookkeeping. My students loved the CSQs and I loved the broadcast email feature.

So when it came time to transition to Guided Path, I dug my heels in and tried to pretend that it wasn’t going to happen. Even though I was a beta tester for Guided Path, and I saw new features added (practically) every week, I was still heavily dependent on MYCCA. I LOVED it. How could I possibly switch?

Like many digital immigrants (everyone over the age of 25!), I don’t learn new computer programs easily. I am resistant to change, and cling to the tried and true. I slowly transitioned my archived students, but left my current 2015 students and my 2016 prospects in MyCCA. I even considered CPP to see if that was a better option.

After the Heartbleed virus, my broadcast emails from MyCCA started going to spam for many of my students. I don’t know the specifics, but many email servers couldn’t read the emails as coming from me. I knew that the issue was corrected in GP, so when the time came to switch or stick with MyCCA for another year, I held my breath and jumped.

Initially, I was worried that I had made a mistake, but the tech support at Guided Path was wonderful, answering my questions usually within hours, and helping with any issues I was having. Then I discovered the Maps… and the Essays… and the Scholarships… and I swooned. Guided Path is so packed with features and is so much more powerful than MyCCA. I felt better supported on both the consulting and the business sides of the program.

And my families! They had been resistant to MyCCA, only using it when we were together. But now they were wowed by GP, and parents loved having their own logins. And the folks at GP are STILL adding new functionality (practically) every week.

The bottom line is that until you dive in, you don’t really know what you are missing. I feel like I have a new and even more powerful right arm.

Guest post written by Wendie Lubic.  You can find Wendie on her website or on twitter @collegeladydc

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