What Data in GuidedPath is New and Why It Should Mean Something to You

Join the GuidedPath team to view this year’s new data. This year marks a distinct milestone in new data, particularly in ACT/SAT data. Join the GuidedPath team as they show you the new data, and what it means to you and your parents students. Learn how you can use data in GuidedPath to stay on the cutting edge as a professional.

In this webinar,  view a demonstration of:
-the new SAT test score range and how to interpret it
-the New SAT/ACT Test comparison chart using the new official ACT/SAT concordance tables
-the New My Chances Data- with new formats and new score ranges
-a College Search using new data
-how to select target, reach, safety and wildcard admissions expectations using the new data

Here questions and answers, and discussion about upcoming uses of data through GuidedPath.

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What Data is GuidedPath is New and Why It Should Mean Something to You from GuidedPath

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