Why GuidedPath?

GuidedPath has a  features  not found in any other college planning tool.

  • Exceptional support that continuously gets rave reviews for being available and going beyond what you expect, even if you have high expectations
  • Strong community that interacts through ongoing webinars and professional development blogs and emails.
  • Customized menu items that allow your families easy access to other tools they use from within GuidedPath – makes GuidedPath the true center for organization
  • Zapier integration to allow GuidedPath to update other systems such as CRM, email newsletters, contact lists.
  • Powerful college planning features that are customizable
    • 10 surveys that you can share with your families or turn off, including an EFC calculator, Find My Spark and College Match which have detailed analysis as part of the survey results
    • Ability to create our own custom surveys for intake forms or any other information you consistently gather
    • Use outputs of the surveys to run My Matches and see initial college matches for students
    • Powerful search with customization of the results view and comparison analysis of a student’s college list. Save searches and export results.
    • Athletic data showing conference, division and key contact information
    • College information on Majors offered as an associates, bachelors, masters or doctorate levels.
    • Schedule of tests, including AP and IB tests
    • My Chances comparisons to map the student information to the college historical data
    • Net Price Estimates that use the student’s EFC to estimate what might be expected in a financial aid package based on the college’s historical data and BEFORE applying to the college
    • Detailed application planning that can be utilized either at a high level or very specifically
    • College details include essay questions for applicants, including special programs and scholarships.
    • Cost Comparisons that analyze each financial aid package and scholarships offered to give a full view of 4 and 6 year costs at each college to support an informed final decision.
    • Automated reminders for appointments, assignments, test dates, application milestones and notifications of account updates such as colleges added, test scores recorded, surveys completed.

Add as many advisors as you would like at no additional cost. Advisors can have different authority levels and visibility to student accounts.