Wonder what our Development Team is up to?

From the beginning, our team has worked tirelessly to create a platform with extreme value.  We wanted to bring you a system that would gather important data and enhance your work with your students.  GuidedPath helps keeps your students organized, stay on top of deadlines, and manage your practice.  Many of our tools, like GuidedSearch, were built in ways we have envisioned for a long time that finally came to fruition!  While there are always more exciting features to build, we know that we have build an extraordinarily powerful, feature packed platform and will continue to do so.

Now that application season has arrived, however, our team is shifting their focus away from building new features for a short time so that GuidedPath doesn’t see too many changes during the busiest time of year.  Our team is now focusing on enhancements to your experience with GuidedPath by updating several aspects of the system.  We are focusing on improving Navigation, updating the user interface (what it looks like), and tweaking tools that we know you already love.  You may have noticed some of the first updates which include improvements to the registration process and the log in pages, s simplified password reset and username retrieval processes, and the Advisor Launchpad.   What’s coming next?  Here’s a bit of a teaser:

Enhancements to Appointments and Assignments

  • You will have the ability to work on drafts of assignments or appointments and determine when it’s finished and ready to go to your families.
  • Editing assignments and appointments will be available anywhere in GuidedPath and will open over top of other screens so you can reference your work with your student.
  • With each assignment and appointment you will be able to determine who you’d like to be notified.

New Menus

  • Our snazzy new menus will change the look and feel of GuidedPath significantly.
  • Navigation will be easier to understand and allow you to access exactly what you want, when you want it.


  • Easier to understand settings.
  • New activity feed to see what your students have been up to.

Don’t worry, our team is making sure the have these things thoroughly tested including an extensive period of time with our trusted advisory board and we will be taking the time of year into account to prevent disruptions in your work.

We know you are as excited about these changes as we are so make sure you’re on our mailing list so you can hear about these changes!  Click here to sign up.  Have comments?  Send our team an e-mail at (we love hearing from you).

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