You can Track New Test Requirements in GuidedPath

April 14, 2020

There have been so many changes to test schedules and college test requirements lately…. GuidedPath wants to make it easier to keep track! What are we doing?

1. We have updated all AP tests on a student’s schedule to reflect the new dates.

2. We’ve developed a tagged list called “ACT or SAT Waived 2020+” that can be utilized as follows:

– Display the list of schools that have waived the ACT or SAT test submission requirements for the application year of 2020 or beyond. This includes colleges that have waived the test submission requirements temporarily for one or more years. The new list can be found in GuidedSearch under the ACADEMIC tab. (Please note – schools that have already been designated as permanently test optional can be found by searching using the Test Optional category within GuidedSearch.)

College Profiles Are Included

When viewing a college profile, determine if the school has waived their test requirements by analyzing the tagged lists it is on.

ACT or SAT WAIVED 2020+ Tagged List Available on GuidedPath

We are keeping track of the colleges as updates are being made.  See the latest list in Cyndy’s Blog.