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Whether you are just getting started or growing in your practice, GuidedPath can help! GuidedPath can help you streamline your process, build client confidence and work more effectively.

Solutions tailored to your needs as a professional


Students can explore colleges, careers, learning style and more using surveys. Create your own custom surveys too!


Find best fit colleges, explore majors, visit college campuses virtually using our exclusive GuidedSearch tool. Create and save a college search in seconds- not hours.


Keep everyone informed using emails, texts, and dashboards. Know your schedule at a glance for one student or many.


Make and grow your brand, drive traffic to your website, put all your services in one place.

Why GuidedPath?

GuidedPath’s five-step process lets you:

  • Gather information with surveys
  • Schedule and record testing results
  • Research and select colleges
  • Plan and track applications
  • Support college admissions decisions


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